Our laboratory

To ensure the supply of high-quality and safe food products to consumers, our Laboratory conducts the techno chemical control at all the stages of production process.

The operational control and end -product quality control contribute to detect if the wheat was processed in the most efficient and high quality manner.

Hazard analysis system and critical points control are applied to increase food security level within our enterprise manufacturing activity.

The considerate attention is paid to the quality control of the end product. Flour baking properties are assessed on  the following indicators:

  1. flour color;
  2. granulometric texture;
  3. baking absorption;
  4. dough rheology according to extensigrams, farinograms
  5. flour amylolytic activity;
  6. gas forming and gas retaining capacity of flour;
  7. bread quality – based on the test results of  laboratory baking.

Our laboratory carries out  detailed analysis of the following types of grain


Grain analysis

Laboratory’s researches and development

Quality studies at different stages of technological process starting from the ground grain assessment to the end-product stage control are carried out on high-quality equipment of CHOPIN company, ensuring high comparability of measurement results in accordance with International ISO standards.

Our laboratory not only detects and inspects corresponding indicators; it does a great job in the development of new unique types of consumer products.

Professionalism and commitment of our highly qualified staff, advanced technologies, our local and foreign partners’ achievements and investigations – that’s what our laboratory builds upon in its daily activity.

Tanleo LLC aims to achieve higher results in the field of flour production, and strongly qualified specialists along with up-to-date integrated technologies are the foundation for these ambitions.  Our company invests on an ongoing basis in the new equipment acquisition, enhances working environment and staff development policies.